New version of this Sega Master System/Game Gear emulator for Android..


* Added Cheat Hunter tool for searching Action Replay cheats.
* Added cheats for 13 more GameGear games.
* Fixed cheats parsing, adding wrong cheats no longer possible.
* Fixed saving .CHT files from the emulator (was saving them GZIPped).
* Added three Bart Simpson games to the Cheatopedia.
* Added Battleship and Buster Fight to the Cheatopedia.
* Added Baseball'91 and Batter Up to the Cheatopedia.
* Added Beavis And Butthead and Berlin Wall to the Cheatopedia.

Published 15/10/2014 at 15:48:50

New version of this SNES Emulator for Nintendo 3DS..


Version 1.1:
- No more garbled/blank screens or freezes when pressing Home or closing/reopening the 3DS or playing with the 3D slider
- Ability to run a new game without restarting blargSnes
- Screenshot function
- Support for external borders
- Support for backgrounds with 16x16 tiles. Super Bomberman games are finally playable.
- Brightness, color math (blending) and windows added. Many games look nicer this way.
- Several PPU speedups
- Speedhacking disabled (it was error-prone, not that efficient, and broke HDMA)
- Replaced forced 1/2 frameskip with automatic frameskipper (isn't perfect, though)
- More stable display (although tearing still occurs when frameskipping), VSync
- More things I forgot about. Surprise!

Download here..

Published 13/10/2014 at 20:37:06

New version of this NES Emulator for Android.. 

What's new:

- Add vibration feedback adjustment intensity

Published 08/10/2014 at 15:48:13

New version has been release of this PS1 Emulator for Android. 

What's new:

- Fixed Audio track playing click in sound
- Improved support of cue file with audio tracks
- Added Low end device profile from MISC/SYSTEM menu, it switch off Pad animation

Published 07/10/2014 at 19:45:44

New release of this Good Gameboy Color Emulator for Windows.. No change info in this Version. Download it here..


Published 03/10/2014 at 18:43:17

New version of this Good NES Emulator for Android, the problem it's not free!!  More information here..


* Now completely clearing mapper state on reset.
* Added mapper #58 (GameStar 68-in-1, Study&Game 32-in-1).
* Added mapper #166 (SUBOR NES clones).
* Added mapper #167 (SUBOR NES clones).
* Added mapper #168 (Racermate Challenge 2).
* Added mapper #174 (NTdec 5-in-1).
* Fixed default settings initialization.
* Removed unused and outdated code, resources and bitmaps.

Published 26/09/2014 at 20:11:39

New version of this Arcade Emulator for Windows..

Update from Website (Author):

Yet another small update, entierly for neocd this time :
 - the main change is that it now supports the front loading and the top loading bioses, which are older bioses than the usual neocdz bios. Not strictly necessary, I added this out of curiosity after a request on the forum...
 - Also finally fixed a bug which lasted very long, 1 year ago was the 1st attempt at fixing it with strange grey squares in last blade 2. Finally all this was caused by the data from logo.prg which was not correctly cleared. It fixes the same kind of glitch this time for real bout fatal fury, but this should be the last time now that the real cause has finally been found.
 - also it fixes some possible crash when using custom controls with autofire for a game.

Published 26/09/2014 at 01:43:37

New version of this NES Emulator for Windows..


- Fixed graphics modes, switching to fullscreen always use the desktop resolution.
- Fixed bitmap blitters 2x stretched to 640x480.
- Fixed toggling fullscreen and windowed modes.
- In windowed mode, changing the blitter adjusts the window size.
- Fixed a problem with palette startup.

Published 26/09/2014 at 01:43:17

New version of this NES Emulator for Android


- Cheat fixes for megaman

Published 26/09/2014 at 01:42:59

New version of this PSP Emulator for Windows..

From Publisher:

A serious bug was fixed and suddenly a ton of vexing issues just dissappeared! For example, the 3D graphics being black in Persona 3 and the large graphics errors in the two main GTA games. Those are now very playable (on PC, a bit heavy for mobile)! Also, I found a major bug affecting Little Big Planet among others, fixing that as well. The UI now also has multi-language support, it's in Settings->System. All these fixes are enough to motivate a new official release, so here we go - 0.7.6! 

Published 26/09/2014 at 01:42:35



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